3 years ago
Dust La Rock’s ‘B.K. Scum’

For NY-based Dust La Rock’s newest project, the artist has tapped into his fascination with the work of experimental sound collective and multimedia pioneers Psychic TV to create an exhibition of new works entitled B.K. Scum.

Using over 30 years of the group’s sleeve art, videos and assorted propaganda as a starting point to forge a world all his own, the Mishka-presented B.K. Scum is a showcase for Dust’s mastery of symbolism, appropriation, and the power of ritual, fitting in perfectly with the ethos of Psychic TV.

For the show, he has created several new prints and paintings, as well as a fully functioning guitar in the shape of the group’s iconic Psychic Cross logo. In addition to Dust’s art, the B.K. Scum opening will also feature a live reading from Genesis P-Orridge, the founder and only constant member of Psychic TV (along with seminal industrial group Throbbing Gristle) Genesis has been a magnetic and unfailingly innovative presence in music for decades, making this an appearance that is not to be missed.

The show takes place this Friday, March 4th from 7-10pm at the Mishka space at 350 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 

To coincide with the project, Dust has teamed up with Trouble and Basser Star Eyes for a mixtape, B.K. Scum,a collection of Psychic TV material and some exclusive vocal appearances from Genesis. Download it HERE.


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